About Us

Welcome to the website of Be Awesome Fitness. Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. Thats it. We want to help

Rob the head coach has been in the fitness industry for most of his adult life. Since 1999 when he joined the Armed Forces he has been helping 1000s of people to transform their body, fitness and health around the world.

Be Awesome Fitness has a simple approach to fitness and nutrition. All the training programs and nutrition plans have been extensively tested over many years. They work. They work for everyone, they work 100% of the time. All you need to do is show up or get in touch.

The plans are simple to follow, simple to implement, and will show you how to sustain the results you WILL get for the rest of your life.

Body transformations including weight loss and fitness are what we do. We are good at it. We have trained People from almost every corner of the world. Unfortunately nutrition and fitness these days appears to be misunderstood. Everywhere you turn most of the information appears to contradict the other. Nutrition and fitness are quite straightforward when you learn how.

Many of the people who have received training by us over the years all faced the same difficulties Not enough time, not enough money, lacking in self belief, failed before, felt intimidated going to a gym, didn't want to be the un-fittest or out of shape person in a class. We have heard it all.

So everything we do is aimed at helping you with these issues. Everything we do is, fun, friendly. completely un-intimidating and works around you. We know that everyone is different, we also know that everyone is also the same…  You have to start somewhere and that somewhere should encourage you, push you and above all. Get you the results you want…

"In a nutshell," We offer a no nonsense, fitness, and nutrition advice that works. We have a fantastic support network that once you join the family, you're part of a team. You're never alone and full support is on hand 24/7. We do not offer quick fixes. They do not exist. Nor do they work, long term. What we do offer is life changing plans that will educate and develop you so that you will never need to look for those quick fixes again.