Who am I? And why was the Be Awesome Fitness created?

I'm a fitness and nutrition coach. I am a level 4 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach and triathlon coach. I didn't always set out to be one. It's something that happened when I left the Army. It was my job to make sure some of the best fighting soldiers were ready when the time came. Physically and mentally.
When I left, it was clear to see just how many people needed a different approach, A no bullshit approach that worked.

So many people approached me looking to get results having failed elsewhere. So Be Awesome was born. Out of requests from others knowing my background and the results I was known for getting.

I entered the fitness coaching world for one reason, and that was to help other people get outstanding and life-changing results. My number 1 passion is helping others move and feel better. How they should be able to that is.

Personal Quote.

Some people ask “why I do what I do”. It's hard to explain the feeling I get when someone comes to me for the first time. Un-fit, out of shape, no confidence and completely demoralised. They have no idea of the potential they have. They have no idea that they do not need to feel that way anymore. They have no idea that the step they have just taken will be life changing in so many ways. Because I know that in just a short amount of time they will leave in the best shape of their lives, leaner, slimmer, and fitter that ever before. With so much confidence you can see it a mile away. Talk about job satisfaction. I love it. “that's why I do what I do”