We have all been where you are right now.
Here are our stories ...

This post is well above my comfort zone. I can't believe I ever looked this way. I don't think anyone quite realises how bad they get until they look at before pictures.

I have always been fit. Always. I joined the Army at 16 and have been physically active ever since. I train hard, 7 days a week. I always have. I've been a consistent runner, averaging over 50 miles per week. I've smashed the gym in both weights and calisthenics for years. So what's the difference between now and then?

I am to this day as fit as when I left the Army. Not better, not worse. The only difference is Nutrition. In the Army, the food choices was not good, or I didn't make the right choices. One or the other. One day I woke up and wanted to look better for the amount of effort I put in on the runs, and at the gym. I realised that my diet was not right. I set about to change this part of my life.

The picture on the left was taken in 2013. The Picture on the right 2014. My body will keep on developing. The right way.

What I have learned on this journey is there are no quick fixes, not one. The only way to change your body shape is paved with dedication, determination and consistency. The fact I have easily maintained my body shape for almost 3 years is testament to how easy it actually is. It's so easy, all that's required is for you to actually DO IT. Most people fail because they overcomplicate nutrition. Nutrition is in fact is very easy, so easy, most people overlook it.

Along the way I, as will you, face many people trying to put a negative spin on things . How did I cope? Laugh my arse off at them. That's how! The most common question I have been asked is: What happens once you eat normal again?  To me, the way I eat is normal, my question to them, and all of you is  When did eating the wrong foods, foods that have a negative impact on your life, foods that leave you feeling tired, lethargic and in a lot of cases ill, or obese become the normal

You see, to me it's simple. None of us know when our time is up, but one thing is for sure. I will reach that day being physically able to do anything I like, and not be restrained waiting to die. Not being able to walk 100 yards, or fearful overtime I look in the mirror, knowing what's likely to happen.

I eat the things I need, to do the things I like doing. I do not do the things I do, to burn off what I have ate, both very similar, and completely different at the same time.


For years I had struggled with my weight, relying on yo-yo dieting, fad quick fix detox solutions and cardio exercise workouts that retrospectively did not aid weight loss in any way. Within weeks of attending Be Awesome Fitness I gained a wealth of knowledge and saw the weight drop off, as well as learning how to train effectively, properly and importantly using the proper form. Being a picky eater for years I was extremely nervous to begin the strict eating programme but realised almost immediately that the sheer breadth and variation of foods I could prepare meant it was not nearly as daunting as I had anticipated. Prepping my food for the week actually made it so much easier to eat on the go and it encouraged me to enjoy lots of new foods. I find self motivating challenging so knowing I have to attend classes five days a week, as well as weighing in on a Friday has encouraged me to take accountability for myself and has served as a necessary pressure for me to keep on track. Rob is amazing to work with; he is in equal parts demanding and approachable, so upon leaving each workout I feel exhausted and inspired to better myself. If you want to lose weight, change your body, improve your life and alter your approach to your health then I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Thanks Rob, it’s been a fantastic ride!




June 2017.

‘Fat, sluggish and useless’

In my own mind, at least!

Well, the ‘fat’ bit was pretty unanimous, truthfully.

My clothes had stopped fitting – again. And the trend was definitely upwards. I’d no energy and even gentle gardening was leaving me breathless and knackered for a couple of days. My diet was bad and I was drinking too much.

And it wasn’t just me that was noticing. My family had started to worry, too.

After all, following cardiac surgery in 2007, I am on the CHD Register and take a handful of prescription medications every day.

So, there I slump.  Like you - scanning an advert on Social Media. ‘Be Awesome’. Another bloody ‘I can change your life’ advertorial! But somehow, this one felt different.

Maybe it was just that the timing was right. Maybe I had found my ‘switch’. But it had to be worth a try. Even if the photos are always ‘Photoshop’d’, aren’t they?

Whatever! Two days later I am in the gym being interviewed to see if I was suitable for the ‘Be Awesome’ programme. Yes, really! Interviewed!

Was I serious? Would I commit? Would I see it through? Would I listen and follow Rob’s advice? Would I fit it? Would I call him ‘The Master’ or ‘Boss’? I made this last bit up!

Five months later, and I am genuinely gobsmacked at these photos. I’m not muttering ‘fake news’ under my breath, now! Bloody Hell! Is that really me? Both of them?

Oh, I knew I was overweight and, of course I know that I have lost a good lump – the weekly weigh-ins and regular shopping trips confirm that. Also, the now ritual clothing drop-offs to the British Heart Foundation store.

And I know that I have more energy – I’m training daily. Work is challenge, not a chore. I’m getting up early to squeeze a sneaky run in before breakfast. And enjoy it!

I know that my family are pleased with the changes – they never fail to compliment the ‘new me’. Even the dog appears grateful for the extra miles!

Did I fit in with the group? I think so – you’ll have to ask the rest of the ‘six o’clock club’.

And this last answer sort of sums up what makes ‘Be Awesome’ stand out for me. We are a bunch of pretty ‘ordinary’ individuals. But as a group, we are supporting each other to do extraordinary things. Awesome things.

Yes; we’re each focused, and yes, we are individually determined. But together, we enjoy a crack and a banter, we meet up for drink and a meal.

But mostly, we drive each other to exceed expectation and we celebrate every shared success - every Lb lost or PB won.

So, has it been easy? Nope! Sorry. Watching your daily calories can be tough when the pizza is ordered! Training on a Friday night goes against the laws of nature!

Has it been a ‘miracle fix’? Only if determination discipline and occasionally pain are miraculous.

Will I stop now that I have had my ‘after’ photos? Hell. No! I’m signed up for the ‘Cardiff Half’ next year and a 51 year old six pack is not entirely out of the question!!


Just come from my 6-monthly CHD check up with my GP.

BMI: 23, ‘excellent’

BP: 120/76, ‘Lovely’

Cholesterol: 3.1, ‘perfect’

Weight: 70kg (from 97kg), ‘brilliant’


On my 55th Birthday one of my mates sent me the pic. It was a reality check for me as my life had come out of control with over indulgence eating and drinking too much and lack of exercise and generally feeling unfit, sluggish and unhappy with my appearance. My blood pressure was too high even with medication. Having chatted with Brian Warlow and seen the results he was getting I decided to respond to a Facebook advert and went along to see Rob. As the photos show, the results are there to see. It’s not been easy and a lot of effort has gone in as well as a lot of self discipline. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. Whether I look better is up to one and all. Oh yes my blood pressure is way down too. Thanks for challenging and changing my outlook on life.


Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Well what I can I say my life was a car crash waiting to happen I had got myself into a rut and was really struggling to escape the continuous unhealthy habits I had picked up along the way takeaways every night as I just didn’t have time to prepare meals (truthfully, I was too lazy to cook). Social smoking and drinking also become a regular habit and the fact that I drove my car everywhere including the shop which is 500 metres from my house !! laziness had become second nature to me, don’t get me wrong I had joined the gym my membership did run for 1 whole year cost me a pretty penny but it was all good I attended 3 times in that period, then I went on rugby tour with my children and that’s when I got dropped from a massive height this was reality kicking in!!!

I found that I was continuously out of breathe with the slightest form of exercise, my clothes were tight, my excuse was I must have shrunk them in the dryer!!.  I was no role model to my children and I was showing them a lifestyle which wasn’t good for anyone.  After chatting with one of the other Mums about how I wanted to change she told me all about ‘Be Awesome Fitness’ and BOOM that’s was my light bulb moment, this was my chance to change my life around.

Oh boy I weren’t expecting what happened next, after speaking with Rob he told me that I could start on the 5pm session which would be Monday to Friday and that the sign-up period was for 3 months, I remember thinking oh god this is going to be the longest 3 months of my life but on the plus side I will be skinny at the end {skinny was what I thought I wanted at that point, how wrong was I}.

The first day I remember walking into the gym and being the girl with no shape (lumps and bumps everywhere), no confidence and being nervous as hell, this was when I met my ‘Be Awesome’ family and what a fab bunch of guys they are, they made me feel so welcome and the nerves soon disappeared.

The results were visible within the first 4 weeks, the weight was dropping whilst the strength and confidence were raising this was when I realised I didn’t want to be skinny I wanted to change my body shape and be comfortable in my own skin.  Weight at this point become irrelevant to me it was more about shape and replacing fat with muscle whilst losing inches.  My fitness rocketed through the roof and I found I was pushing myself more in every session.  So, after 3 months I had retrained my whole attitude, set the foundations for a new healthier lifestyle and bagged myself a new body which I felt comfortable in, now this couldn’t have been achieved without the guidance and support I have received from Robert Seaward.

Rob is a truly amazing personal trainer his professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic attuite towards fitness shows in every session providing a positive influence on all his clients, every training session is challenging yet the goals are achievable.  Because of Robs work I am now mentally, emotionally and physically stronger but most importantly I am happier in my skin.  I have great new muscles, increased energy levels, a retrained attitude to what food my family and I eat, and the laziness has gone I now use my legs and not the car (I actually completed the Cardiff Half Marathon, now that was a shock to the system providing 12 weeks before I couldn’t walk 500 metres never mind run 13.1 miles in 2hr 11 mins).  I would highly recommend ‘Be Awesome Fitness’ to anyone who is prepared to change their lifestyle for the better, and yes you guessed it I never left after 3 months I stayed on, I can honestly say ‘Be Awesome’ as become my second home my takeaway’s have now been replaced with training sessions and my life is no longer a car crash waiting to happen.

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 

Awaiting Testimonial.. 


Around 4 months ago, I decided something needed to change. I had no energy, was constantly tired, ridiculously unfit and I spent a lot of my time sleeping. This had been going on for longer than I can remember and I needed to sort it out ! I came across a place in Port Talbot called "Be Awesome Fitness" All I can say is that it's changed my life ! I had an amazing instructor in Robert Seaward and trained with an amazing group of like minded people also wanting to change. My goal was to get fit and combat my tiredness, I've done this and have never had so much energy in my life ! In the process I also managed to lose 2 stone of weight ! Pictures speak 1000 words, so here are mine.


2016 proved to be my most challenging year to date following surgery to fuse my lower spine. Little did I know that recovery would take so long... During that time the weight piled on and there wasn't a lot I could do really do about it, dark times!! 10 months later I started back in funky pump 3 times a week, did the weight budget? Did it hell! Although my back was a lot better, I was miserable... Luckily for me, 12 months post op, I heard about Rob through my brother (who was achieving amazing results). The time had come to drastically change the way I was doing things. After a phone call with Rob and me reeling off my "history", I was delighted that he asked me to pop up and meet him. He immediately made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence that by following his plan, things would change! And by god they did!! I soon found myself exercising 5 mornings a week and thoroughly enjoying every minute. I'm not gonna lie, it was tough to start but with Rob watching my technique, I soon started to believe that I could do it!! Within a week, I started seeing results which a few months earlier, thought would be impossible!!! With Rob's encouragement and belief in me, I find myself 24lb lighter and there's 23" less of me! But more importantly, I'm happier and more confident than I have been in years! Also, pain-free which I contribute to the training and "special" exercises Rob gave me for my "wonky back". Something I could only dream of 4 months ago! Thank you, Rob!! 💪🏻💪🏻


I've just completed 4months with Robert Seaward with the aim of losing 2 stone plus and getting fitter I reached that aim and a lot of that is down to the motivation and support that Rob provides. Can't recommend Rob enough to anyone who wants to feel better if your thinking about joining be awesome do it you won't regret it. Price wise it's worth every penny considering the gym that I was in previously would charge 160 a month for just 1 session a week plus the cost of gym, Rob offers 5 per week and any support you might need


Awesome in name awesome in nature ,if you want to be fitter ,stronger and feel better than you have in years robs your man great gym to be part of . There are no egos just friends who are on the same journey .the support you get from rob is second to none.

Awaiting Testimonial.. 


Over the past few years....my weight has fluctuated and when I had a job that entailed spending over 16 hours a day on my bum writing reports..that's when it got out of control...no exercises, no time to eat properly, lack of sleep and stress all took its toll...so when I packed that daft job in after a year I decided to improve my health and lose weight..I felt fat and nearly 50... Old before my time...On top of that me and my partner decided to get married and set a date...for the following year!...there was no way in hell I was getting married in a size 18 dress ...I'm only 5 foot and i felt the lowest I been in a long time...I was miserable with the thought. So I made a conscious effort to lose weight ..I needed to lose a lot..where do I start? So there started my journey of trying anything and everything to lose weight...hypnosis, injecting myself daily with diabetic medication..as it supposed to be brill in losing weight, herbal life and fit camp, daft diets like the Dukan diet...there was little I didn't try and was very seriously considering having a gastric band.. I was spending a fortune on fads that didn't work and became more miserable.... then one day my step daughter mentioned a fitness instructor that may help..that's when you entered my life Robert Seaward ...After I made that one call to you and we discussed my weight-loss goals..you told me losing over 2 stone was easily achievable and I genuinely believed you ..you told me it was a tough journey but if I wanted it badly enough and did as instructed I would reach my goal...I signed up.

My life then went into a reality I've never been in before I didn't realise how mentally and physically challenged I would be...but also how much determination I had over the next 7 months. I attended they gym religiously with your guidance and learned how to exercise and lift weights...you was a pushy sod and took me to my limits...but you knew exactly what you was doing and how much I could do..your an amazing trainer and very experienced, I trusted in you...and with a small team training together and supporting each other..you all became my fitness family.

I still hated exercise and dreaded going to each session as I hate sweating and knew it was going to be tough...but I knew I had to keep my promise and also not let you down...I hate to quit anything... so I pushed myself harder than I ever have...never to give up! I started training with you in the September 2016 and in the October bought a size 12 wedding dress...was I too ambitious I thought? Omg what if I don't lose the weight? ..but I had already seen results in the short time there and believed in you Rob and started to believe myself that it may be possible and that I could wear that wedding dress if I stuck at it...Over the coming months I lost more weight and this week reached my goal of losing 2.5 stone...I am chuffed to bits, fitter and healthier than I've Ben for years..i feel great... And yes the wedding dress fits me perfectly ..you have helped make me so happy rob, and I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and drive to help me reach my goal over the past 7 months...if there is anyone out there feeling there is no hope to lose weight And feeling miserable about it ..please don't waste time and money on fad diets and too good to be true quick fix ideas...you'll be fleeced like I was with no positive results only bad experiences...instead contact Robert Seaward and be certain to reach your goal...you've got nothing to lose other than lots of weight ...guaranteed !!


"At first, I was very apprehensive about joining a gym and enlisting a personal trainer. I have not been to a gym for a long time, and never found them the friendliest of places and a bit intimidating. Whilst enlisting a personal trainer always sounded like a good idea, I never really had the confidence to go through with it. However, I couldn’t speak highly enough about Robert Seaward and Be Awesome Fitness helping to overcome my fears and worries.

For many years now, my life has been shaped around working all week, transporting my kids to dancing, basketball, football, rugby, parties, etc., as well as the odd pint in the pub. Life is busy, but I was feeling lethargic, slow and was aching a lot, not to mention trouble sleeping.

Both my kids play loads of sport and I seemed to be sitting in the car a lot ferrying them about, which wasn’t helping my eating habits. Meals late at night after the kids had gone to bed seemed to be the norm, and although I thought I was eating healthy, I was over 15 and a half stone and wanted to lose some weight. My lifestyle would not achieve this, and with my 40th birthday rapidly approaching, I needed to do something about it. I wanted to become fitter and healthier for my 40 birthday.

My friend told me about ‘Be Awesome Fitness’ with a Personal Trainer called Robert Seaward. However, I had tried gyms before and found them too impersonal and daunting. I thought about it for a few weeks, then called Rob and made an appointment to meet him at his gym for a chat.

Rob and I spoke about what I wanted to achieve, and Rob then developed a personal nutrition plan and a personal exercise plan tailored to me and my goals. I also had access to an online Hub which was full of great information, exercise demonstrations and hundreds of recipes that could be substituted within my personal nutrition plan.

Rob was great from the first session to the last. Rob was very supportive and showed he cared tremendously about everyone he works with. He was always available to answer any questions I had about the different exercises and encouraged me throughout my gym sessions. The more time I spent in the gym, the more I become to realise how much Rob knows about fitness and nutrition and how to encourage people to believe in their ability and reach their potential. Week after week I felt fitter, stronger, and my confidence in achieving what I had set out to achieve was growing.  

The other clients I met in the training sessions at Be Awesome Fitness ranged greatly in age, but were all very friendly and very supportive, and I am pleased to say they have become people I would call  friends. The past 5 months has been a great experience for me, I have achieved more than I thought I could, and I have loved every minute of it.

What’s more is that Rob has taught me the skills, inner belief and motivation to sustain and perhaps go further than what I have already achieved and I am very grateful for that. Thank you Be Awesome Fitness and thank you Rob.

There is no doubt I will be recommending Rob and Be Awesome Fitness to people of any age who are looking to change their life for the better".


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This is an open letter to anyone wanting a far healthy lifestyle and peace of mind.

When I visited my GP at Briton Ferry health centre, I had an appointment with the nurse who informed me that because of my weight 20 stone I was Border line diabetic and urgently needed to do something about it, I bumped in to an old friend Alan in which I was shocked how much weight he had lost, when he Told me it was nine stone I was amazed.

He then explained he was training with Rob at this gym, I then arranged a meeting with Rob where I committed myself to a three month workout/diet plan. It was far from easy and involve around 50 minutes a night of structured training backed up by a comprehensive nutrition plan to follow, which did not leave you feeling hungry, if included steak, curry and even Welsh breakfast.

I have now completed my course I'm really pleased, I now weigh less than 17 stone in just under three months, further to this my cholesterol level is perfect. I also sufferd with gout every few weeks which since starting this no longer happens. I was also taking three blood pressure tablets a day which is no longer required as my blood pressure is now normal.

I can highly recommend Rob and his gym to anyone at any age. I am 60 and other members are older.


Just a little over three months ago I felt I had enough of being me!! Being a lazy smoker with no motivation what so ever I got home one evening and felt absolutely Meh about myself , my body was all shapes my back and hips aching , I was laying on my bed looking at other people's pictures posted on Facebook and thinking I could be like that , I continued to scroll through and then an advert for Be awesome Fitness popped up, and without a second thought and on a whim I filled in the form, thinking I probably wouldn't hear anything about it. The next morning bang on the button with the time I said for Rob to call me he did and I was in bed smoking a fag drinking coffee at 10 am in the morning!! We then arranged to meet to discuss a plan and what I wanted from the 12 weeks ahead, I signed on the dotted line and off I went ..... thinking that i would be starting on a monday....I then had a text saying to come along on the weds to circuit training to get the feel for it !! I was not geared up for it but am so glad I went along!! I was a size 40 waist when I started at BeAwesome, I disciplined myself to get up at 0430 each morning to be at the gym for 6 , and to follow a diet plan of 3 meals a day !! ( something I never thought I would do either ) during the 12 weeks my energy, stamina, attitude, looks and persona have changed and all thanks to the patience of Robert Seaward of BE AWESOME FITNESS !! My journey has been amazing so get on board and GET FIT !! This is a gym that makes you feel comfortable within yourself as your all there for two things !! Loose weight and BE AWESOME !! Thanks again ROB .💪💪


I was laying on the couch feeling as full as an egg and stuffed after yet another lazy weekend. This feeling of feeling too full was becoming far to familiar. I used to train hard in the gym but gave up due to building a new house and having my first child and also found it tough training on my own. The last 6 years I felt uncomfortable in the summer and even found myself looking at a water slide on holiday wondering am I going to be the fatty that stops half way down. I have been and always will be the 'jack the lad' in the rugby club but I knew if I could lose weight I would be determined to keep it off. I was flicking through Facebook and an advert for Be Awesome popped up due to a friend liking the page. I'll be perfectly honest with you I thought it was another gimmick selling shakes or pills or something. Then I realised it was an actual gym in Port Talbot so I thought 'let's do this'. I spoke to Rob and agreed to meet him. I will again be perfectly honest when I had my trial session I looked at things like ball slams and waving ropes and thought this can't work. I used to heavy weight train and used to laugh at the people doing these classes. But after a couple of days I realised I had been totally wasting my time over all those years and not achieving what I could have. Rob knows his stuff in fairness and if you put the trust in him that he puts in you, you will see the results I guarantee you. This isn't a gimmick it's hard work but it's enjoyable and life changing. I can honestly say it's the best investment I have made in the last 10 years. I have hit my 3 stone target in 16 weeks and feel "Awesome" Rob has given me the tools to carry on on my own and it's down to me to maintain my look and more importantly my health. Good luck everyone it will be worth it.


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Awaiting Testimonial.. 


I started my journey in July 2016 as I was fed up of going cloths shopping and looking right at the back of the rail for my size. I seen an advert on Facebook, Rob was looking for new motivated people.
When I started with Rob we discussed my goals and how this was going to be achieved. During my time with him, not only did he work closely with me training and working out but also guided me with my nutrition plan. Nothing was ever an issue, he supported me through out this process.
With very hard work, dedication and support I would not be were I am now today. I am fitter, healthier and this made a lifestyle change for the better. I am taking part in my first triathlon in may. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who is willing to change to get fit and healthy.

Be awesome gym is just that. It's what it says on the tin.

The gym is not a carpeted oasis but has everything you need to get fit and not a machine in site. Robert seaward is a trainer who cares about the customer and becomes a mate. It's not just the training it's a holistic package nutrition is vital to the process as is the training hub and the peer support.

Me I was 16 stone diabetic. After 10 weeks I've lost 23 lbs and blood pressure reduced and soon diabetes medication will be history. Do your self a favour, join an awesome gym. Join awesome gym.


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What a journey!  My body and mind are totally transformed.  I've never been fitter or lighter.  The experience with Robert seaward has been amazing.  

Yes, it's hard work,  you must stick to the nutrition plan and give everything in your sessions.  But the results are well worth it.   All I kept saying to myself ' just turn up' and rob will get you through the training.  I've lost weight and more impressive six inches off my waist and hips,  it's amazing my body shape has totally changed.  

I've never exercised or done anything like this before and was very very unfit. But if you are looking to change your body and get healthier then I can't recommend Roberts seaward personal training enough.  

He does what others can't,  the results are awesome.   I've already reached my goal,  but I'm enjoying it so much I'm extending my time with him to see how far I can take my fitness.  


I have just completed the "Be Awesome's 90 day transformation plan" with Robert Seaward with a weight loss of 27lb. It has been a really good experience, the eating plan has been flexible enough to tailor to all my needs and wants, with weekly weight loss checks to ensure I have been on plan and reaching my weekly weight loss goals, otherwise addressing the issues behind the short falls.
The training has been easy to follow, biggest thing is to turn up at the designated time, on time and every time, the training routines are all taken care of by Rob, further nutrition and training tips are discussed during the training sessions in a friendly atmosphere.
Home training has also been required on a daily basis enhancing my weight loss goals.
Along the way I have become stronger and fitter reducing my park run 5k times from 32 minutes to 27.30. I have completed a 10k and Cardiff half marathon in reasonable times. Going forward my training will now be tailored for IMW 2017. I would like to Say Thank you to Rob, Kelly and all my training buddies, it had been a pleasure. Hopefully See you on Wednesdays for circuits.
Cheers. 💪👌😀


Awaiting Testimonial.. 


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After a breakup of a 13-year relationship and becoming a single mum to 4 crazy girls I found myself comfort eating and piling on the pounds. I soon became unhappy with the way I looked. I tried all the commercial diets which were quick fixes and never resulted to anything except for a few pounds off and back on the week after. Then I came across a guy called Robert Seaward he had a great reputation and his results spoke for them self. I decided to sign up with Rob on the 12 week plan. Best decision I ever made. Not only have I lost weight and inches I've gained strength and confidence I never knew possible. I'd like to thank Rob for this opportunity and I will definitely return after Christmas to continue my journey. Love you all see you soon xxx💕


Rob is a truly awesome trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Rob, you are KILLING me!") and supportive (Well done guys! Excellent session) and he works with the whole person -- mentally, and physically. 

Be Awesome Fitness embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement during sessions and through the fitness hub and Facebook group, Rob has retrained my attitude to exercise and healthy eating while I retrained my body.

I've been working with Rob for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Rob is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. 

He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. 

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, no matter at what stage of your journey Rob will lead you every step of the way.


Awaiting Testimonial.. 


Awaiting Testimonial, the picture tells a good story on its own. Don't you think ? 

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Well, I have just finished my 12-week program with Be awesome fitness( Robert Seaward). It was a challenging time but enjoyed all the same . My achievements is way more than I expected . Also my fitness is up by loads and the weight I got rid of was nearly 3 stone , with 12inches off my belly and 6 off my chest ,that's 2 sizes down in trousers and 2 sizes in tops
I would like to thank Rob for all the commitment , time and belief in me all the way through it, also my training partners Will Williams, Marie Casey and Daren . Very big thanks again to all .


I don't normally post pictures of myself, but I feel I owe it to Robert Seaward to share these before and after results and to think this has happened in just 13 weeks. Unfortunately tho, these pictures and measurements don't show the full extent of the changes made. To have the motivation and desire to be healthy isn't enough when you don't have the knowledge on how to. This guy has taught me so much that I had the confidence this week to go to 2 different gyms and train amongst the fittest guys there, and to understand how to feed me and my family a good healthy balanced diet. Thank you, Rob for changing me forever, I have had an awesome 3 months, enjoyed every step of the way.


So I've reached the end of this journey!

Wow, that was AMAZING!!

After 90 days of hard but unbelievably enjoyable work I've lost over 2.5 stone in weight, 7 inches off my waist and feel fitter, stronger and younger than ever!

Thank's soo much Rob for your never ending motivation, cajoling and total belief that I could do it! Oh how I wish I'd found you years ago instead of wasting years and a significant fortune on costly gyms that never lived up to the promises they make.

I know that I can continue this transformation and become the man I always wanted to be but was never confident of becoming. I'm doing things now that I never dreamt of in the gym, but you always said that I could.

I thank you, not only on my behalf but on behalf of my wife and kids as they've now got the husband and father they deserve, that's going to be around for many years to come.

I look forward to continuing my journey with you coz the 'Awesome' in 'Be Awesome ' is you! Thanks my friend from the bottom of my heart


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Where do I begin with this message of thanks to Rob Seaward after my completion of one of his excellent 12-week programmes.

Well, the first thing is to tell you that I have now started on my second 12-week programme and no its not for the reasons you may think.
Quite simply I have unfinished business with myself.
Anyway, why did I t first pluck up the courage to start in the first place. Truth be known it was my wife, Kathy, she has been a client of Rob's for some time and I had seen some remarkable transformation.
She had been nagging me for some time about starting ones of Robs programmes and I suppose like all men we do not like to admit that we have reached a certain age when we think we look good but in truth we look god damn awful, I have looked back at some holiday pictures and yep its so true.
Now looking back it was the best decision I have made!! The most difficult part was the first visit. Once that is done then that is it your commitment is made and the journey begins.
Do not let anyone tell you it will be easy because it will not be, you will hurt, you will feel sick you will feel tired but you know what with Rob there pushing you, encouraging you then it is more than doable. I have done it so you can.
The one factor you need is your belief. If you are not willing to work on both nutrition and Diet coupled with an absolutely excellent exercise programme then this is not for you, but then why would you be reading this and looking to sign up if you did not want to make changes.
I have lost over 3stone, I am fitter healthier and I must be honest look better than I have for some years. Why? Simple really I listened and worked to Rob's excellent regime. The old saying you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink applies here! Put the work in and you will get the results.
I cannot thank Rob enough he has changed my mindset attitude and outlook and it is my desire to get to another level that has seen me sign up for another 12 weeks and with Rob there pointing me encouraging me and pushing me I know I will get there.
So in simple terms if you want the same pick up the phone get the email sent and speak to Rob you start the change he will help you make it and you will not regret it. It's the best time and money I have spent in a long time.
And now I am pleased to see pictures of myself the now and before they should all said made by me but created by Rob, Cheers Rob.
Rob thanks again you have changed my life and I now look forward to the next step. And to all of you sitting on the fence GET OFF IT NOW and get going, you will not regret it!!!

Chris Brooks


When I first came to see you. I had no mojo it had emigrated and left me behind. I had major surgery last year which cured a lot of my problems, but I was lethargic and basically no get up and go. I decided to come and see you and the minute I met you I knew you could make a difference to my life. My barriers I would say were thinking I didn't have time to do all this,but it fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. The nutrition plan is awesome, plenty of fab recipes of really tasty food. I think planning my food was another big step which made such a difference. Now I am 2 stone lighter feeling brilliant and love my training every morning. My family and friends have noticed a big difference in me mentally as well as physically. I have far more confidence and I am extremely proud of myself. I don't feel my age , I am not in my head anyway. One very thankful and proud lady. Well I do try my best


Hi, my Name is Alan Thomas all the people I know all call me BIGAL from as far back as I can remember. 
After reaching 24 stone, I knew I needed to do something to change my life, both mentally and physically. I saw a picture on Facebook of my mate Peter Derrick, Boy had he changed, 
I got in contact with him and he told me about this guy called Robert Seaward: From Be Awesome Fitness. Who was the real deal. So I made the phone call and spoke to Rob, he listened and said, would I like to come down the gym to meet him. This did not happen because my mind was not in the right place. 
Well a few months later I plucked up the courage to phone Rob again, I left a message and he rang me back there was no bad feeling, nor did he make me feel awkward at any point. It was as if he knew it was my time to put ( MYSELF AT THE TOP OF THE LIST). 
He suggested that I should come down the gym for a taster session. I could not have imagined how unfit I was: I WAS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN HEALTH WISE: so my journey started on a Tuesday morning at 7am. Boy was it a huge shock. 
When I arrived there was a few people already training at my time slot, they made me feel welcome and at ease. 
13 weeks have gone by. I now wake up before the alarm, every day. I can't wait to get to the gym, to train. 
The low down is, I am getting STRONGER, FITTER, AND THINNER. Every day. This would not have happened unless I put my trust in Rob Seaward and Be Awesome fitness, in his knowledge and belief that you can do it. 
But most of all the confidence he has in you to achieve your goal is inspirational. I have just signed up to for another plan with Be Awesome fitness. I am going to pinch this saying: Robert Seaward is the real deal.
Please Please if you want weight-loss, Inch loss, then phone Be Awesome fitness. I will be forever indebted for his drive, enthusiasm ,knowing when to push and when not to. Oh, I have also found another Family. A fitness family and even more friends. 
Don't let age be a barrier to getting fit. or loosing weight
Alan Thomas


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This last 12 weeks have been life changing. I enrolled on to the program to get into fitness as I had allowed work and family to take over the time I would go to fitness classes and walks. 

My motivation was to lose weight but more importantly get into the habit of exercising regularly and it being part of my lifestyle. This program has helped me achieve my goals and I have found a new passion in weight training. 

I lost 21 lb during the 12 weeks even though my focus was not solely on the diet plan! I was able to adjust to the plan in this time and as a new goal moving forward my main focus is on the diet and losing weight. 

The training is now part of my daily routine. I loved the structure and continuity of the plan, I loved learning new skills and meeting new people. Thank Rob its been truly inspirational and worth every penny!! 

I look forward to seeing you soon Rob, thanks again x


Really can't believe my time with you at the gym has finished - it has gone so quick. I have been so impressed with my results - in a short space of time I got my back and legs into great shape for my Ultra in Snowdon (from back injuries the previous year when running) - no injuries, great strength and brilliant platform to build from. 

I also really enjoyed the time spent with you - you are a star - totally encouraging and positive - constantly thinking how to achieve and how not to stop improving. I benefited from the physical work for sure but I really benefited from your mental game and how you are relentless - that definitely rubs off and enables you to push more and more. 

I now know that in the past I have played with strength and conditioning and so will really gain a lot from this solid base you have shown me how to achieve. I think your system works and will be seriously considering how to incorporate what I have learnt into my training plan as a consistent part of it for the rest of my life ! 

There is no question I will be recommending you to others and will be focusing hard on improving my performance through the lessons I have learned.

Also, first time I have seen my stoop and left side imbalance correctable !! As well as that I feel and am stronger and will be putting it to good use in all the swimming, running and cycling I do so thank you very much !!


These pictures have given me a boost, when I started my journey I didn't think I could've achieve what I have, I suffer from lower back pain and I didn't think I could exercise, I have pushed my body these last 12 weeks it's been awesome, if I can do it anyone can, the strength I have gained in my muscles is awesome, my back muscles are better than ever. What a journey it has given me confidence to carry on. Thank you Robert Seaward you have been awesome, encouraging me to carry on


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Rob Seaward is an excellent PT. For those sceptical about PT's from previous experience or from advice of others, Rob is nothing like that at all. I was expecting a hard task master who was unapproachable but have found him to be a dedicated person who has good one to one skills and will do all that he can to help you achieve your goals. 

His training and facilities are unique and bespoke but that's what I find good about it. No two days are ever the same and the results will come from hard work. Not to say that Rob isn't hard but he will push in a way that makes you understand that it's doing you good and his motivational techniques are excellent


Nutrition- In my head I knew what I need to do and how eat to be healthy, I just need somebody to mentor me. but I was wrong.

I was on the low-fat, low-calorie, diet this and that lifestyle. I felt deprived and frustrated and blamed myself every time. What I didn't realize it wasn't me but the food I was eating. I finally hit a breaking point, Rob created a plan to fit my goals and lifestyle, He made nutrition simple. He knows what he's talking about and he is passionate about educating his clients, He's taught me the importance of eating real food, healthy exercise and healthy living. For me, this isn't a temporary program or a one-time fix. It's a learning experience that's resulted in a fulfilled, happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness- Personal training with Rob has changed me. He tailors each session for me so that I always enjoy my sessions and improving my technique and strength. Most importantly it is time just for me, and allows me to focus on my own health and well-being. As a result of my PT sessions I started running, for me, it has become less about losing weight and more about re-discovering my own strength and confidence. My fitness, body shape and self-esteem have improved dramatically. On June the 14th 2015 I completed my 1st half marathon in Swansea, I'm currently still running as I'm now training for other marathons and tough mudder's. With the dedication from our instructor Rob, We wouldn't of achieved it. Thanks Rob for being the awesome and supportive coach that you are


Thank you Rob, for a fantastic 12-week programme. 

After not exercising for over 6 years I'm amazed by the results you motivated me to achieve. It was defiantly tough at times but the feeling of achievement everyday was 100% worth it. 

I've never felt so full of energy, strong and confident that you can absolutely do anything you set your mind too. In your word strong is the new skinny and ill defiantly be back every Wednesday for my 'Be Awesome' top up X



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I had never been one to be concerned with my weight until 8years ago when I was diagnosed with angina and depression but instead of doing something about it I sat back and let myself get into a rut I would easily drink 2 bottles of wine a night on some nights and eat nothing but crap. Even though I used to walk for miles with the dogs my weight ballooned and for the first time ever I was a size 16-18 and weighed 13½ stone and as you can imagine I felt more depressed.

Then one night I was sat by my laptop with a bottle of wine when I saw my friend’s weight loss photos and decided I needed to do something before my children lost their mother. I started a ladies boot camp and within a year I had lost 2 stone and dropped to a size 12 I felt fitter and healthier than I had In a while, although the boot camp was good and worked for me and within 2 years I had lost 3 stone and was a size 10 my family told me I was looking ill as I was too thin. 

A friend of mine who I trained with at the boot camp had left and started CrossFit and although she had lost the weight like I had she was using weights and had more shape coming to her body so I took the step and joined CrossFit I really enjoyed this and I felt my strength building I was running the beast of Bryn and half marathons and also competed in a competition. Then due to a few injuries and not being able to get to the classes due to university and family life I gave up training although I joined the gym but rarely went there as I had nothing to motivate me I would still run every week and still continued to do half marathons and also entered a full marathon in April this year. But I was still unhappy with my weight I had gained 2 ½ stone again and started to feel low and that’s when I saw Robs post on facebook and messaged him. 

From the day I met Rob in his gym he made me believe that it was possible to get my love for training back But and this is the biggest problem for me I still doubted I would be able to do what rob asked of me as I had lost all confidence in myself. The first week with rob he made me believe I could achieve anything if I worked hard enough for it, but with my first full marathon that weekend I was concerned about aching too much to be able to run but rob ensured I didn’t do anything that would prevent me running well. 

On my second week I felt good about myself and I can honestly say my body and mind had a beasting, and that continued for 12 amazingly crazy weeks, not only did I find my love for training again but I achieved things I never thought possible. my strength went through the roof I made some fab friends and I felt fitter than ever before. Yes, Rob pushed you but only as far as he knew you could go, Yes it was hard and Yes I woke up aching so bad some mornings that I didn’t want to train again, but when you ache like that I believe it’s your bodies way of saying you’ve worked hard.

I have had people ask me was it worth it and I will say every time every ache, pain, drop of sweat and penny was well worth how I feel now after finishing my 12-week plan with rob. I will say this to anyone considering training with rob don’t think about it do it this guy knows his stuff he loves his job and he loves helping people.


I would like to say a big thank you to Rob for introducing me to his 12-week plan, it has been life changing for me, I never thought I would be able to make the time to train 5 times a week as I have always had the excuse that I am too busy. 

Rob suggested to me that I could train 6 am to 7 am every morning, I thought there was no way I would be able to do that but when I thought about it, it was the only time I could commit to as I have to young children who have activities after school every day of the week, so this time didn't affect anyone else.

Getting up early in the morning has now become the norm for me, I have seen massive results in my fitness, body shape, and weight, it has encouraged me to exercise on the weekend  when there's no classes.

I couldn't run 2k without stopping 12 weeks ago I can now run 13k  and am hoping to complete the Cardiff half marathon in October, something I never thought I would be able to do a couple of months ago. 

I have lost over a stone in weight and my body shape has changed a lot and this has given me a lot more confidence, 

Rob is always there to offer advice and push you in the right direction, I am going to miss my 6am PT Sessions. I can recommend the 12-week plan to anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle and get fit with somebody who knows what he is talking about and knows what exercise works.


I got to the point of contacting Rob after seeing the progress an old Rugby Playing team-mate and work colleague of mine had made, I’d seen a link on his Facebook page that took me to the testimonials of those Rob has worked with, I saw the before and after pictures of this old team-mate of mine and was impressed by the difference – there was the weight loss and also the definition and muscle tone – I thought “I’d like to do that but don’t think I can”.  I saw this a few months before I went on holiday and regrettably I didn’t do anything about it until I returned in early October 2015.  Discussions with a friend and a work colleague both suffering from Diabetes made me realise despite how common the illness is it is an awful thing to suffer from - I was in the high-risk group for Diabetes risk, early fifties, inactive overweight, stressed and I needed to change.

On return from holiday with my middle age male flabby beach body I kept looking at Rob’s pages and website and reading testimonials trying to work out if this was for me or should I just join a gym.  Eventually I had an assessment with Rob where I started I wanted to lose 2 stone and be able to run the Swansea 10k in Sept 2016 – his response was that if I stuck to Nutrition and Exercise I’d lose 3 stone and easily complete the Swansea 10k – as confident as that – I wasn’t that confident and 8 weeks in it looks like I was wrong and he was right.

When I received the Nutrition plan I spent a week reading and rereading it to try and understand it and work out how I would make it work with my lifestyle – I was worried because I didn’t get overweight by eating small portions or healthily and I hate feeling hungry - feelings of low energy leading me to eat crisps and chocolate to give me a boost.  The food plan works for me as I really haven’t had those feelings of weakness or hunger.

The PT aspect of the training program I started a week after Nutrition – it is the hardest training I have ever done, I’m pushing myself with guidance and instruction from someone who seems to know how much I can and cannot do – Rob says you should be able to do that and normally he’s right – he also recognises when I can’t – that’s given me confidence in the approach and the exercises.  I’ve pushed myself further than I ever thought I was capable of – but I’ve done it and its worth it.  The training is varied and interesting and keeps you on your toes, I’ve recorded progress from day one up to now and looking back I could never imagine I would be achieving what I am - seeing the progress written on a chart strikes home and motivates – look how far I’ve come from.  While some times I’ve not wanted to go as I was feeling tired I have always left feeling better than I did when I arrived.

The other aspect of PT is seeing how hard everyone else works - seeing how everyone is different - how someone is weaker than me on something but stronger on something else, seeing girls (sorry not chauvinist but stereotyping) who look weaker than me lifting far more weights that I can - it's amazing and encouraging.    The effort everyone puts in and encouragement of each other is great.

I’m down 30lb after 8 weeks, I can do the collars up on all my work shirts, I’m wearing trousers to work that have been hanging in my wardrobe for years, my wife and mother in law had to take the clothes back they’d bought me for Christmas to get a smaller size, I have no idea how many notches on my belt I’ve lost but at least 4.  I had my blood pressure taken recently and was at the lower end of normal for both figures – for the past 5 years or so I’ve been at the top end of normal, my resting heart rate is at the lower end of Good and sometimes drops to Excellent.  I’ve started jogging on my own building up from walk jog over 1 mile to jogging 5 miles in about 53 mins.  

So I’ve passed my target weight loss and on way to Rob’s target for me, as my goals get closer I’m already looking at what I want to do next.  Results are well worth the effort and I am so glad I did this.


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12 weeks commitment to at least 3 sessions a week. That's what Rob said I would need to do. As I work in Bristol, I knew it was going to be a tough ask hitting my 6-7pm slot every day, with the unpredictability of the M4. And As the first few weeks proved, there was a couple of sessions that I didn't make. And I have to say in those first few weeks it was a blessing having a day off. 

I have never really been a gym orientated person, preferring to get my exercise through outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling and running. My goal was never to lose vast amounts of weight, but to trim up, and ultimately keep some of my fitness over winter, and hopefully avoiding returning back to square one for my cycling, when the good weather returns

The Initial programme regardless of your personal aim, is pretty simple, it consists of a combination of a daily High-Intensity Impact Training session (HIIT), carried out in the morning wherever you are, this requires no equipment and just a few minutes to complete, followed by a meal plan programme, which has the flexibility to account for the most variable of lifestyles, and finally the PT session run by Rob. The PT is a combination of targeted weightlifting activities, and interim HIITs focusing on core body workouts, all carried out against the clock. The PT sessions are run in small groups of max 4 people, so the intensity is typically high and I found it is driven by the participants. It is a safe environment, you never feel intimidated, and the Rob does not judge, he helps and supports and makes sure you know how to do the exercises safely. He will challenge you to do the best that you can, but ultimately you drive the progress.

The use of the Facebook private site to log completion of activities is a good idea to support motivation, allows Rob to quickly monitor progress against the plan, and builds camaraderie amongst the teamsSo how did I do? Well I found that I didn't want to miss my sessions, I was glad of the rest at the weekends but raring to go again at the beginning of the week, it does become addictive. As always when you are buried in the detail it is difficult to see progress, but the record sheets help to show the gains in strength you make and the weekly weigh in, gives a pretty clear view on if you are putting more effort in that you are eating. Yes, Rob has lots of analogies that he uses to help motivate, it is clear that some people get more out of these than others, but the clear point is, don't make excuses, stick to the rules and you should be happy with the results. I was, I have lost over 18lb and 20" different in shape, I feel stronger, and the photos definitely tell a good story. It's not rocket science but doesn't happen without putting in the effort

I still have unfinished business and have signed up for a second 12-week stint, this will be my last, and I am now consciously thinking how will I be able to maintain my good progress at the end of this time. I don't want to revert to how I was, there will no doubt still be room for improvement after this block, and to me I think it would be mad to not maintain it. This is where I also find Rob's approach different. He does not want to keep you forever, he wants you to take what you have learnt and go away and apply it.. I'm not saying this is easily done, and there is definitely a lot of people who end up on Rob's programmes because he does make it easy, compared to the other options of  gyms out there, but I am hoping that with Rob's support I will be a position to make the necessary transition post training. 

Would I recommend him?, absolutely, he has a great system, the combination of food and activity is key, and he has honed it to give a workable product that you can fit into your lifestyle. Keep up the good work Rob , and Thanks for the support and knowledge you have given me


Where do I start!! From the beginning is usually best!!! 
Anyone who is looking at Be Awesome fitness or robs page, you've made the hardest step, I was like you worried, scared even afraid of being judged, laughed at, ridiculed for even trying to make a change!

I'd been to other gyms and was an easy target as they knew they would take my money knowing full well I would fail with no help!! Here is my story of how this guy (rob) changed me, my life, on who I was and never thought I could be! I'm 6'2" was very overweight (about 22st!) worked full-time have a family, I found myself in the never-ending rat race circle, eating take aways up to 4-5 times a week with every excuse under the sun why I COULDN'T do this and COULDN'T do that!! Knowing really I just didn't have the confidence to make a change, 

I struggled to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath!! Going to kick a football with my son never lasted more than a few minutes cos I Couldn't keep up with him ( he is 5!!!) it scared me that if I didn't do something, anything soon, it would only be a matter of time till something was going to give!!! By sheer luck I came across be awesome fitness one small little advert start the change that I needed!! 

After my first meeting with Rob I felt I had finally found someone who could help me without judging me for my past choices, I made the choice (that's the keys to Rob's plan Choices!) to try, and made a promise to myself to give it all I can in the gym, and so I started!! I'm not gonna sugar coat it, the first few weeks I was hurting like hell everything hurt, I was learning how to exercise properly and safely, doing exercises I hadn't even attempted in over a decade! 

With the nutrition plan Rob had set I struggled with but I'm still learning and getting better, Rob encouraged me at every turn and helped me improve, don't get me wrong it's not easy I struggled and had off days and an occasional off week, but all I every received was encouragement, 

Rob is epic the best I've ever come across when it comes to knowledge on training and getting the best out of people, but he has one of the best 'bullshit' radars ever he knows if your not giving it your all which is all he asks no more no less!!! I soon started to see small changes to my shape, my fitness started to improve, I started losing weight! I've just completed my first 3-month plan, and happier than ever I'm stronger, fitter and slimmer than I have been in over 15 yrs!!! 

Going to the Palace of Pain has become part of my weekly life, it's become far more than just losing weight or going to a gym, I've made friends we encourage each other help each other and some friendly competition which all helped me get to where I wanted to be! And love yes love the variety of what each session brings!! I swear at rob and grump to myself when it gets hard but I keep on pushing remembering why I'm doing it!! 

This is one of the best choices and investment I ever made in me! I tried pretty much everything else all the fads Herbalife/juice plus/ meal replacement shakes/weight loss pills, be awesome is by far the best with proven results I'm the result!! Thanks Rob I'm not stopping the change still keep on trucking!! Il be an avenger eventually!!!


At the age of 19 and weighing in at 23stone 3lbs, I finally woke up and realised it was now time to change my life. I was in deep trouble and I was heading down the road of strokes, heart attacks and diabetes.

I have struggled with my weight since I was child. Around the age of 7 my asthma was severe and I put on massive amounts of weight, by taking steroids to control asthma. I was not like other children being able to run around as I would be out of breath. At such a young age my knowledge and understanding about nutrition and the importance of exercise was next to nothing. I was always brought up on homemade cooked meals and always ate my fruit and vegetables, but I also had the junk food to go with it.

When I reached my teenage years and started to question my weight I knew from then on in I was not happy with myself. I used to get bullied terrible in school by the kids and this made feel awful. I had no confidence, no self-esteem and deep down I was an unhappy child. I could never wear the latest clothing that all the other girls were wearing because the shops didn't cater for larger kids. I would never go to anyone's party, sleepovers or school events.

I always said to my mum that I wanted to lose weight and we tried healthy eating but it never seemed to work. I tried weight watchers, slimming world, Herbalife and even one point I was starving myself. But nothing helped me. This set me back and in the end I did not care. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I had all the control in school, as I was given dinner money and I bought crisps, sweets and chocolate everyday.

After leaving school I went on to college and I took A levels. One of my A levels was P.E I absolutely loved sport and football and my dream was to become a P.E teacher. A couple of weeks into the course my tutor embarrassed me in front of the class and told me that I was too FAT to continue on the course and that I should drop it. I was devastated and felt really low. I dropped out of college all together and nearly ate myself to death. In a space of two years I put on 7stone.

Two years on and I finally decided that I was to do something. It was November the 12th to be precise. I woke up and said that's enough. I was on a diet from that day on and continued to diet through Christmas. I lost 3 stone I was chuffed. I didn't have a clue about nutrition, calories, macros nothing. I lived on salads. After Christmas I contacted a local Bootcamp and decided it was time to get back into exercising. This was a major step for my as my asthma was bad and I was worried about my weight. Nobody wanted to come with me to this class, so I stepped up and went myself. I LOVED it!! I started off once a week then within a month I was in full swing and attending all the classes. It was hard though, I couldn't do a press-up, a burpee or even a simple jog on the spot. But I started improving every week. 'Rome wasn't built in a day!'

About 10 months I had lost a further 3 stone, total weight loss now of 6 stone. I was feeling great. I had made some awesome friends, now I couldn't live without. I was entering competitions such as race for life and survival of the fittest. The intensity of exercising needed to step up, but we didn't have the correct support or guidance. We were told that running was bad for us and it was no good for us. So my friend and I were stumped. After competing in the races we were an unhappy team. Nobody stuck together as a team and there was no support from our coach. We wanted out!

Then we found Be Awesome Fitness.

New Beginnings has changed my life forever, from the very first training session to today. Rob knew exactly what he was talking about, when it came to nutrition and exercise and I was memorised by what he had to say. There were so many things I was doing wrong, not eating the correct foods, not eating enough calories and simply training too much.

After a lot of thought and consideration, Rob asked me to write a food diary, so he could monitor what I was eating. From this he was able to see any flaws and he could set out a new diet plan for me. After looking at what I was eating Rob could see that I was not eating enough calories a day. I was averaging between 600-700 calories per day when I needed 1200 calories, especially with all the training I was doing.

Well the new diet has worked wonders, I've lost 6 stone so far since doing this programme and I love it! I am enjoying the cooking and tasting lots of foods. It is not boring, although preparation is definitely the key. Along with the diet plan I train 6 days a week and I also do the online HIIT sessions. These sessions are only for a short period but they get your heart rate up, which burns body fat. It is not just the weight changes that have happened. I have noticed a difference in my hair, skin and nails and my sleeping pattern has improved dramatically. I am less sluggish in the day time and I am full of energy. My moods are much better always happy and my confidence levels are getting there. I feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
It has not been an easy journey for me though, as life does get in the way, but I learn from my mistakes. What is most important is that you DO NOT GIVE UP! Giving up is not an option! I have set myself a goal and I WILL do anything to get to my goal. It takes time, patience and full dedication and it will never happen in a straight line. I am excited to see what the future brings with New Beginnings Fitness. Cannot thank Rob enough for all his time and effort he has put into my diet plans and training programmes.


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My children and I had just returned from a trip to London. Having lived in London I wanted to show them the sights and impress them with my experience. Carrying a rucksack and using the underground used to be easy!
Driving back I was physically (& mentally) exhausted by the whole trip. We returned and for the rest of the holiday my youngest wanted to play rugby/cricket/catch out the backyard and I did not have the energy. The ordeal made me realise that I had to make a change.
Although I was at nearly 19 stone & obese, I swam 3/4 times a week and used cross trainers at home and at a local gym. I thought of myself as a fit fatty. Yet because of my London experience I knew I had to become more functionally fit.
Hears the thing, before taking the challenge with Rob, I had thought of myself as reasonably fit.
Indeed, It was a very rude awakening to find that (after initially completing the exercises on the programme) how unfit I was. I could barely manage 15 seconds per exercise before wanting to collapse in a pool of sweat and/or be sick. I was also concerned that after signing up, I was too old (52), or left it too long since last exercising properly. Rob explained that my body was simply reacting to the change. Specifically, my nervous system. He determined that as long as I gave 100%, was committed to the plan and consistent in the execution of the exercises that it would get better.
It did. I kept to the schedule, (even when I didn't feel like it). I made progress and it got better.
Moreover, in our first consultation, I was worried (from past experience) that I'd get a sprained muscle, lose momentum & not complete the plan. Rob explained that muscle flexibility is the key to maintaining fitness and injury prevention.
This resonated with me and so by taking the time for warm up/cool downs, is crucial in avoiding injury and making a success of the plan.
I still get tweaks, but if it's too bad then I work another part of the body or choose a less intensive method on the video or gym. Whatever the problem, you always train.
Nevertheless, as human beings we tend to blame others for situations/barriers to our progress. I'm no different.
My main barrier was nutrition. I had weeks where I did not make progress and was training my butt off. It was frustrating and made me question the plan. However, when I was honest with myself, I was not following the diet plan. A night out there, a work celebration here etc., they all mount up and hamper you and you're achieving your goal.
At the end of the day there is no hiding place places just you and the plan. You either stick to it and you carry it out to the letter, or you don't, it's Your choice. When I knuckled down and followed the diet plan, I made massive progress.
Since joining Be Awesome I've had the pleasure of losing six stone. Over 60 pounds lost to date and still falling.
This plan with Rob has not only got me fit and able to play with my kids again but it's made me effect a lifestyle change I never thought possible.

I think differently, act differently and I don't need nearly as much food as I used to eat, Yet most days I burn twice the amount of calories due to my increased energy levels.
This plan is a win/win all around and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Peter Derrick 


The last 18 months has been one of mixed emotions. I started 2014 with the attitude that this was going to be the year for change.

I have spent my whole life on a diet. Yo-yo-ing between one fad diet to the next. Losing a bit of weight and then piling it back on (and more). I have always enjoyed exercising but like most people could always find an excuse for why I couldn't do it, too tired, not enough time etc.

With a new job and a big family holiday in 2014, I decided enough was enough. I started training with Robert in January 2014 and immediately was made to feel welcome by everyone in the group. 

It was a new way of training for me. I would usually just slog it out at the gym for hours at a time, with very little results but Robert encouraged me to try a new way of exercising. 

Cardio, mixed with weights, targeted exercising to improve core and help strengthen my bad back. Work hard but enjoy doing it was the emphasis!! The changes in my body and more importantly my attitude to food, exercise and myself was almost instant, and I got to meet some new friends whilst doing it.

Robert encouraged me to also start running  “an activity I have always avoided". Too boring, not the right body type, can't do it. Excuses kept rolling in! I started with a 15-minute gentle job, and with Roberts support and encouragement I made it to 7 miles within the first 4 months. I was hooked!!

The next mile stone was a half marathon. I thought Robert was mental “ there was no way I could do it," or so I thought! Robert gave up his spare time to run with me on Saturday mornings and slowly but surely I achieved my goal four months later and competed in the Cardiff half marathon in October 2014. The sense of achievement was amazing!

I developed a knee injury shortly after but Robert researched the symptoms and put together a recovery plan and helped with my re-training....and I am now back stronger than ever thanks to his help and patience.

I have completed two half marathons so far this year, have another two planned. I'm also looking forward to Tough Mudder and have just completed my first road cycle event.

Next year, I'm aiming for a triathlon!

Robert has been with me every step of the way with advice on exercise and nutrition. Personal Training sessions have made me strong and focused. He has given up his spare time to help me achieve my goals and is always on hand to answer any questions.

I have now reached the end of my weight loss goals but it's not over yet! BUT none of this would have been possible without Roberts continued help and support.


After giving up smoking for health reasons, after 39 years, I realised that I was very overweight. My kids were always asking me to give up smoking and they would always joke about my big fat belly. Enough was enough I knew I had to change my lifestyle habits. 
After quitting smoking I had put on a tonne of weight and this was affecting my health. My daughter joined Be Awesome Fitness 1 year previous and she had lost loads of weight and was gaining great fitness levels. Seeing Aimee attending these classes, made me want to get fit again. I was always fit when I was younger and after finishing football I never done any form of exercise for 15 years, apart from work!
It took a lot of encouragement to for me to attend the classes, but before that I was running on the treadmill in the house and eating as healthy as possible. It was working and I could see the results. After persuasion I attended a caveman session and I thoroughly enjoyed. Since then I have been attending classes 6 times a week whilst running with the team. Rob wrote me out a diet plan to for me to follow and again the results were drastic. I have lost 6 stone in weight. I feel absolutely amazing and full of energy. It feels great that I can now run with some fantastic team mates and I have just completed my first half marathon with team Be Awesome. Doing Rob's plan has giving me a second chance in life and I will never look back


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