Hi. I'm Rob From Be Awesome Fitness. I am the man behind the phone who will be writing your diet plan. I thought I'd better introduce myself and let you all know I understand your pain. I know what keeps you awake at night, and I also know how to help.

I'm the Owner of Be Awesome Fitness. Just in case you haven't heard of me. I'm also responsible for helping 100's of people from Neath/ Port Talbot and surrounding areas get fit and lose some serious weight.
I'm an Ex-Army Paratrooper, an Ironman Triathlete, Ultramarathon runner and Crossfit competitor. I CAN and WILL help you.

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June 2017.

‘Fat, sluggish and useless’

In my own mind, at least!

Well, the ‘fat’ bit was pretty unanimous, truthfully.

My clothes had stopped fitting – again. And the trend was definitely upwards. I’d no energy and even gentle gardening was leaving me breathless and knackered for a couple of days. My diet was bad and I was drinking too much.

And it wasn’t just me that was noticing. My family had started to worry, too.

After all, following cardiac surgery in 2007, I am on the CHD Register and take a handful of prescription medications every day.

So, there I slump.  Like you - scanning an advert on Social Media. ‘Be Awesome’. Another bloody ‘I can change your life’ advertorial! But somehow, this one felt different.

Maybe it was just that the timing was right. Maybe I had found my ‘switch’. But it had to be worth a try. Even if the photos are always ‘Photoshop’d’, aren’t they?

Whatever! Two days later I am on the phone being interviewed to see if I was suitable for the ‘Be Awesome’ programme. Yes, really! Interviewed!

Was I serious? Would I commit? Would I see it through? Would I listen and follow Rob’s advice? Would I fit it? Would I call him ‘The Master’ or ‘Boss’? I made this last bit up!

Five months later, and I am genuinely gobsmacked at these photos. I’m not muttering ‘fake news’ under my breath, now! Bloody Hell! Is that really me? Both of them?

Oh, I knew I was overweight and, of course I know that I have lost a good lump – the weekly weigh-ins and regular shopping trips confirm that. Also, the now ritual clothing drop-offs to the British Heart Foundation store.

And I know that I have more energy – I’m training daily. Work is challenge, not a chore. I’m getting up early to squeeze a sneaky run in before breakfast. And enjoy it!

And this last answer sort of sums up what makes ‘Be Awesome’ stand out for me. We are a bunch of pretty ‘ordinary’ individuals. But as a group, we are supporting each other to do extraordinary things. Awesome things.

Yes; we’re each focused, and yes, we are individually determined. But together, we enjoy a crack and a banter, we meet up for drink and a meal.

But mostly, we drive each other to exceed expectation and we celebrate every shared success - every Lb lost or PB won.



Just come from my 6-monthly CHD check up with my GP.

BMI: 23, ‘excellent’

BP: 120/76, ‘Lovely’

Cholesterol: 3.1, ‘perfect’

Weight: 70kg (from 97kg), ‘brilliant’

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Welcome To the Diet plan & Free Hub Membership Demo

Below you will find a small selection of what I have to offer you with the Diet plan and Online fitness hub membership package.
The diet plans are extensive, and they will teach you everything you ever need to know about weight loss, how to achieve your goal and maintain it when you do. Don't panic, though. I work everything out for you. I like you to know how it works.
Also Included is the Fitness hub. The Hub is a fantastic online site filled with over 700+ Recipes, cooking videos, Workouts etc. The HUB is simply fab, and it's Free with every diet plan bought.
Take a look for yourself. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone soon.

All of these transformations took place using my diet plans

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