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Pre build Week begins on the 03/5/2021

Why Should you Join the Challenges ?



These are the main reasons our other members joined. 

  • You can do it any time of the day. You’re not committed to a time. 
  • You can roll out of bed and do it in your bra and knickers.😁
  • .Time-saving. The typical gym session or class takes 90+ minutes out of your day. 
  • Less travelling, more time with the family 
  • No intimidation 
  • Structured training 5 X 30 minute sessions per week and more if you want more. 
  • Being part of a community of likeminded people 
  • The extras. Walking, Core, Kettlebell challenges. 
  • It never gets tedious. 
  • It’s fun and gets results. 

I just love being able to fall out of bed, grab a cuppa and then getting straight into it! no traffic, no make-up, no stress

Cerys Bevan

What Do You Get When You Join?

Structured workouts each day

Every day, there is a new, structured workout to complete. These workouts are usually 30 minutes long, and they can be done anywhere and require almost no equipment. Sometimes kettlebells. However, alternative exercises are given if you don’t have one. There are also easy daily & weekend challenges to complete to ensure you remain motivated and active as much as possible.

As a free extra 😁, there are also mini-challenges to sink your teeth into.  

Four-week core development program

6-week Kettlebell program

Weekend warrior program

Continuation program  

You could make these sessions 60 minutes plus or build up slowly. It’s your call. 

Private Member Facebook Group

Our Private Facebook group is what sets us apart. This group is the number one place for support. Everyone on the page is on the same journey as you. It’s a group of people who will stop at nothing to support each other and help each other when things get tough. 

Access to the academy

The academy is our members-only website. Inside, it has 100s of recipes, done for you diet plans, Calorie Calculators, all previous challenge workouts, mindset training and the woman’s diary. The challenges take care of the fitness, and The academy fixes the rest

Accountability & Support

Each week, I give out the weekly planners. Once we set the goal, we get to work on making It a reality. We’re in this together! Use the community for motivation and inspiration as you progress towards your goals! Honestly, you have never seen such a supportive group of predominantly Women. They are amazing! 

Some of our Successes?

what some of our members say!

The Instructor

Hey. I’m Rob 💪

I’m the man who is going to be giving you a kick up the ass. Helping you feel amazing again, to fall in love with yourself again. Helping you become fit, healthy and motivated.

I’m an Ex British Army Paratrooper. I’m a father of 5, and I get where you are today!

I’ve been FAT, and I’ve been unfit. I’ve struggled with self-confidence and body image. I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt.

I’ve also got myself out of that rut and became super ripped, super fit.  I dedicated all my time to the gym. I became obsessed. This was no way to live either.

So I set out on a quest of getting the balance right between health and obsession. So for the last eight years, this has been my life. Helping others feel amazing, get fit and love themselves again. I specialise in being a real person who knows how to help you lose weight, get healthy and have a better quality of life. I’m pretty dam good at it too. I can’t wait to meet you on this challenge.

What are the Aims of the Challenges?

Set Goals & Achieve them!

“A desire without a goal is just a Dream”. You have to set goals to make them a reality. That’s where we come in. Each challenge has a purpose that is specific to the challenge. We stop at nothing to hit that goal. 

Blast fat, increase daily energy levels, overhaul your health and get back into those clothes staring at you from your wardrobe! 😜

Make Small Daily Changes and Achieve BIG Results

Most people are looking for the miracle cure, the epiphany that will turn up one day. It never happens. Every time you get in the car you can only see the first 100ft of the journey yet you expect to get to the destination. I’ll show you how small, easy changes throughout your existing daily routine can help you see excellent results by building consistency and achieving small daily goals. 

Become Part of a Super Motivated Group Of People

You are 77% more likely to achieve a goal if you have people to encourage you. These people are on the same journey as you. Its a Family! We want the best for everyone who are participating as we progress together. 
We are unstoppable for support and motivation.  

Get Super Motivated and Love yourself Again

Transform and motivate yourself, ready for anything, by making small changes that will have lasting effects. You will learn to love yourself again!

Most people believe that body shape is responsible for how you feel. That’s a lie. I know people who are size six who hate their bodies. Your body shape is always under construction. Always! Being fit, feeling fit will give you unstoppable confidence and motivation and make you love yourself. I guarantee it!!. 

How do you Join?

Step 1

Secure Your Space Below by either

Instalments of £30.00 pcm. You get 2 extra weeks for the same price as the one off payment, This is the best value if you do multiple challenges.  


£60 One off payment and just pay for this 6 week Challenge

Step 2

Immediately after payment, you will be directed to join or private facebook group. You will also receive an email with detailed instructions on joining the academy. 

Step 3

Meet The Community, Start Your Journey and browse the  Academy! Get ready to feel amazing! I look forward to meeting you. Rob

Try a full workout out for yourself?

The Beach Body Challenge

Direct Debit
£ 30pcm
  • 6 weeks Structured Program
  • Five X 30 minute workouts per week
  • Mini challenges ( core, kettlebells, Continuation, weekend warrior )
  • Weekend step Challenges
  • Amazing Support Group
  • All Challenges from now until you leave us
  • Join Immediately
Best Value

Join The Beach Body Challenge Now

One off payment
£ 60
  • 6 weeks Structured Workouts
  • Five X 30 minute workouts per week
  • Mini challenges ( core, kettlebells, Continuation, weekend warrior )
  • Weekend Step Challenge
  • Amazing Support Group
  • One Challenge Only (6 weeks )
  • Join from the 3rd of May